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Two Amazing Things

A couple of Amazing Things have happened here in the last few days. The first one is the most unbelievable to me, and I was there.

I, me, myswendy herself, watched more than 5 seconds of the Superbowl, normally only seen as a blur in channel surfing. I found myself watching the last half of the last quarter (found in channel surfing). WHAT? ME? MOI? FOOTBALL? Damn.

I happened to tune in precisely as the instant replay closeup of a critical controversial play was being shown. They held the camera on the scoreboard for quite a while, but there were so many numbers up there, I stared at the screen (probably cocking my head to one side as BooBoo does when she is thinking hard about something), but I couldn't figure out what the score was or what all the numbers were. The cameramen turned back to the instant replay, and it was interesting enough to even catch my attention; two players on opposing teams were doing slow motion acrobatics over each other directly over a white line on the ground. I didn't know who was who, and I didn't know where the line was or what it meant. All I knew was that every line on a playing field means something. The ball sort of flipped around from one side of the line to the other in slow motion, bouncing, being caught, flopping on the other side of the line, slipping out of one of the player's hands. It was fascinating.

I listened in rapt attention as the announcer carefully explained what had just happened. Not one word meant a thing to me. He could've been speaking in tongues. But clearly, what had just occurred (and continued to occur in slow motion) was a rare occurrence that demanded the wisdom of Solomon (or else those referees in striped shirts--so tacky) to settle.

While all those involved were debating  who won the toss/round/landing/goal/points/whatever, I admired how clean their uniforms were. And WHY do these men wear WHITE, of all colors? GOOD GRIEF! That's crazy! If their mommas had to do their laundry, they'd tear their hair out. The fabric looked ridiculously clean for 3/4 of the way through a game where most of the time is spent rolling around on the ground. I dunno. And it was shiny. Maybe spandex. Anyway, I admired the whiteness (and the blueness, and the green-ness) of the uniforms while their occupants wrangled amond themselves. Then I inspected the grass. Was it real? I think so. Some of it was pretty dinged up from all the wrastling. Eventually, someone got awarded the point, or maybe the idea was that somebody DIDN'T get awarded any points. And all of a sudden, the game was over. I had no idea! I kept watching, wondering why they were all laughing and hugging each other in the middle of the game. Gosh, what a letdown. I figured it was over. I watched them jump up and down for a while and then changed the channel.

The one thing I came away from the experience with is that it had been an exciting game that drove the spectators into an understandable frenzy--some in happiness and some in misery. I simply left, pleased that New Orleans, which has suffered so much these past few years, had come out as an unprecedented winner.

The second Amazing Thing that has happened around here is ALL THE SNOW. It started while we slept last night and continued practically nonstop all day into the evening. When I went downtown today (well, when I drove 2 blocks to Main Street and was then "downtown" [there is no uptown]), I saw at least half a dozen robust snowmen, smiling, with stick arms! That was wonderful! Sometimes the flakes were tiny; sometimes they were large and fluffy. But they kept coming. I think it's finally stopped. And it looks lovely. :)


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