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Hi folks! Just got back from a quickie trip to Hilton Head, SC. Never been and loved it. I was invited by a friend whose folks are currently in a similar situation to that which mine were in years ago, so I could give [hopefully] sage advice (this seems to have worked out pretty well).

One thing that fascinated me about the island is that it's so damn HIDDEN. I mean, that's absolutely BEAUtiful, but it's also uber-mysterious to outsiders (of which, I hear, there are thousands every summer). Even the McDonald's (no, we didn't go there) looked classy and well hidden anonymously in a wooded area. Driving down the main drags, there seems to be no sign of life; woods line the four-lane roads. Discrete street signs are the only clue to a community beyond the pavement. These narrow, shaded roads lead to equally subdued and small commercial areas. We stopped at a Wendy's (I was dying of thirst) and my brow furrowed as I tried to figure out where the entrance was (it was hidden away behind a 6-foot-long "alley-type" wall next to the door).

I also noticed that just there are only one or two subtle shades of beige or grey coating all architecture--actually, quite a pleasing effect. I imagine the civic code book must be about 2 inches thick. "Housing developments" are called "Plantations" here. I couldn't help tiring out my companion Susie by inquiring as to what sort of crops they grew.

It was just a 4-day weekday trip. The air travel was exhausting (even with assistance golf carts!), but the fresh air and fine company made it all worthwhile.

I enjoyed both flora and fauna:
Atlantic Ocean at last
beautiful dreaming
Endless roads in Port Royal Plantation
pretty fleur at her folks' house
Heres lookin at ME! kid, Millers Pond--EEEK!
me at the beach on the ocean


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